About Alex Lehr

Since 1984, award-winning real estate professional Alex Lehr has helped more than 700 clients successfully navigate the complicated and often emotionally overwhelming experience of overseeing inherited property. For Alex, guiding clients through the probate process is more than a transaction — it’s about using his expertise, empathy, and passion to obtain the most optimal outcome. Numerous media outlets, including the New York Times, have featured Alex’s comprehensive real estate knowledge. He is the founder and proprietor, along with his wife Denise, of Guide Real Estate.

Probate Pro: The Unexpected Sale

Probate Pro: The Unexpected Sale

In “The Unexpected Sale: Guidance for the Executor/Administrator Of An Estate,” you’ll unlock how to:

  • Confidently manage inherited property
  • Successfully perform your duties as an 
    executor or administrator.
  • Skillfully handle all required taxes.
  • Secure the most value when selling.
  • Keep all parties involved satisfied.  
  • And much more.

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